Cannibis Packaging Design

Cannabis Packaging Designs

We had the privilege to work on some THC/CBD packaging design concepts and thought it would be fun to share our Cannabis packaging designs.  We do everything from chocolate, wax to beverage designs.

When we spoke with a Chicago based Cannabis company, we learned about the struggle new THC/CBD companies are facing. How to brand the benefits of their products and still pop off the shelf. 

Brands want to be innovative when it comes to leading industry standards in packaging. Lots of factors are still left to regulate, like benefit charts design, lab reading reports, and other call outs.  What exactly is the ordinary, first time buyer going to want to know about what they are consuming?  We would love to help make that message clear. Let us help you change the game, and if anything can inspire someone to buy, we hope it’s our packaging.  

Meanwhile, we have a couple of chocolate THC bar designs we’ve presented, let us know what you think.

Chocolate Cannibis Packaging Design-Melt
Chocolate Cannabis Packaging Design - Melt
Cannibis Packaging Design - Puff Puff
Cannabis Packaging Design Concept - Puff Puff
Cannibis-Packaging- Design -Concept-60s
Cannabis Packaging Design Concept - 60s
Cannabis Packaging Design Beverage - Skull
Cannabis Packaging Designs - Wax

Connecting with 4° Guatemala City Art District


Guatemala Art District 4 grados - Freelance, modern, innovative Design

Chicago’s Mugtor Design teams up with 4°

Guatemala’s pulsing modern art district

In the heart of Guatemala’s thriving art district, 4° (4 grados), lies a number of talented design studios.  Cool restaurants filled with graphics jump at you with full of color and innovation. This is the place to be if you’re into expressive and fun design techniques.

Everything has a risky and bold take on design, from clothing, home wear, to fashionably designed restaurants.  It will blow your mind and make you feel like you are in a completely different world.

This district was created to promote art and culture in Guatemala. It’s inevitable that Guatemalan artists are working with their native roots and revolutionizing traditional textile art design with modern day trends and styles. A leader in the category is Wanderlust Wear, a collective project of handmade, artisanal art, mixed with digital design that’s sure to stand out.

Wanderlust Wear

If you take a look at Wanderlust’s collections, they are vibrant and unique designs. We are lucky to work with Wanderlust resources and illustrators for any daring or out of the box designs. We can’t help to express our enthusiasm to partner on bringing over their creative talent to the US. Below is a link to one of their launches for the Wander Project 2.


Think of this like the WeWork of the 4 grados district. Chamba,  is a co-working space that works with the entrepreneurs and artists in Guatemala and puts programs together to help the 4 grados community be more successful. By working with Chamba,  we can work with talented artists with an array of skills.

Check out this video below of their studio space. (Spanish Speakers)


Why are we connecting with other agencies and artists in Guatemala?  We believe working with other cultures gives a different flair to our design projects.  At Mugtor Design, when we take on a project we want to create designs that people will never forget.  The imagination happening in Guatemala is beyond what we see on the American scene, and we want to be the firsts to launch it.


Why should you hire an experienced CPG designer?

CPG design is expensive, so try to do it right the first time.

When a brand rushes to launch and doesn’t focus on packaging often times they end up on the shelves full of dust. The question remains, What went wrong? Did you a hire a flashy agency whose design costs more than you will sell it for?

A good designer is always looking into the future of a product. How can it grow? What are the next product possibilities? Do you have brand guidelines? and even more how to save money. A seasoned designer is also a good pair of eyes. They study the entire fashion of branding and product development and look at insight from multiple categories. They understand FDA guidelines, printing plates and staying within your profit margin. Obviously talent and creativity matter, but when you are designing for mass production, you need to visualize the entire scope of work.

There are 3 good reasons to hire an experience CPG packaging designer, time, money, and knowledge. I know that whether you are a startup or a big manufacturer, any bit helps, and with tight deadlines, there is no room to ideate for months ahead. At Mugtor we know and consider your product, we also try to develop it from round 1, as something that is going to work and engage the consumer. We understand selling points, we get the consumer mindset, and get that sometimes really pretty packaging, just doesn’t deliver messaging to the consumer. So when you are investing in your next product venture, make sure you consider hiring someone who understands CPG design and loves to create new, exciting but efficient packaging.