CPG design is expensive, so try to do it right the first time.

When a brand rushes to launch and doesn’t focus on packaging often times they end up on the shelves full of dust. The question remains, What went wrong? Did you a hire a flashy agency whose design costs more than you will sell it for?

A good designer is always looking into the future of a product. How can it grow? What are the next product possibilities? Do you have brand guidelines? and even more how to save money. A seasoned designer is also a good pair of eyes. They study the entire fashion of branding and product development and look at insight from multiple categories. They understand FDA guidelines, printing plates and staying within your profit margin. Obviously talent and creativity matter, but when you are designing for mass production, you need to visualize the entire scope of work.

There are 3 good reasons to hire an experience CPG packaging designer, time, money, and knowledge. I know that whether you are a startup or a big manufacturer, any bit helps, and with tight deadlines, there is no room to ideate for months ahead. At Mugtor we know and consider your product, we also try to develop it from round 1, as something that is going to work and engage the consumer. We understand selling points, we get the consumer mindset, and get that sometimes really pretty packaging, just doesn’t deliver messaging to the consumer. So when you are investing in your next product venture, make sure you consider hiring someone who understands CPG design and loves to create new, exciting but efficient packaging.