We had the privilege to work on some THC/CBD packaging design concepts and thought it would be fun to share our Cannabis packaging designs.  We do everything from chocolate, wax to beverage designs.

When we spoke with a Chicago based Cannabis company, we learned about the struggle new THC/CBD companies are facing. How to brand the benefits of their products and still pop off the shelf. 

Brands want to be innovative when it comes to leading industry standards in packaging. Lots of factors are still left to regulate, like benefit charts design, lab reading reports, and other call outs.  What exactly is the ordinary, first time buyer going to want to know about what they are consuming?  We would love to help make that message clear. Let us help you change the game, and if anything can inspire someone to buy, we hope it’s our packaging.  

Meanwhile, we have a couple of chocolate THC bar designs we’ve presented, let us know what you think.

Chocolate Cannibis Packaging Design-Melt
Chocolate Cannabis Packaging Design - Melt
Cannibis Packaging Design - Puff Puff
Cannabis Packaging Design Concept - Puff Puff
Cannibis-Packaging- Design -Concept-60s
Cannabis Packaging Design Concept - 60s
Cannabis Packaging Design Beverage - Skull
Cannabis Packaging Designs - Wax